COCK and BULL - A Young Man's Misadventures in Lust and Love
Feel better about your own young love life after reading this collection of humorous, true stories in "Cock and Bull," chronicling how a romantic boy became a cynical young man confused in the ways of love, romance, and sex...and still found love.

             Cock and Bull is a gathering of true humorous, sometimes                        shocking, always entertaining stories and observations that                          chronicle author Paul’s early years in his long quest to find

      Me, at age 5, discovering my "dobber."
Hello, my name is Paul C. Miller and sadly, I am the author of "Cock and Bull - A Young Man's Misadventures in Lust and Love."  I say "sadly" because I would have much preferred to have had successful adventures during my informative years as I learned about love, romance, and sex.

You might be wondering why you should read my collection of true life short stories when I just confessed that I was essentially a romantic failure. My answer is the same reason why normal, everyday people stare at car crashes or train wrecks.  Despite arguments against the contrary, people want to read about others suffering because it makes them feel just a little bit better about their own lives.  During my years developing from a boy to a man, I encountered a wealth of sexual misfortune, failed romance, and combustible love.  I can practically guarantee you that you'll find yourself feeling much better about your own youthful experiences after reading "Cock and Bull - A Boy's Misadventures in Lust and Love."

A girl on a playground once told me, "You stink!"  So does young love.

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